A “blue” day at Bundles of Hope!

As a charity who support young families in Long Eaton and the surrounding community with bundles of hope, we are always looking for ways to increase our impact and better support our service users.   When the Long Eaton Tesco Community team popped in to see us this Thursday, we were blown away by their generosity.  Not only had they provided us with a range of goodies for babies and pre-school children (toddler cutlery, toddler beakers, pacifiers, jars of baby food as well as body cream for Mums and much more), but they also notified us that we had been successfully accepted for their blue token scheme.  Bundles of Hope project manager Jane Allen said, “This is excellent news, we are reliant upon donations and funding from our local community to keep Bundles of Hope and Baby Basics running and the blue token scheme will provide us with much needed funds to help us expand our reach”. 

We encourage all our followers to shop at Tesco over the next three months, not forgetting to collect your token and vote for Bundles of Hope.  Could you let your family and friends know about Bundles of Hope and encourage them to vote for us too?  We could get a grant of up to £1,500 and that would make an incredible difference in allowing us to support more families with young children and babies.

 And whilst you are doing your weekly shop, why not consider if there is any small extra you could add to your shopping bag that may make a difference to a young family of a pre-school child or baby?  We are always in need of baby toiletries, nappies and wipes, but perhaps you could check out the clothing..

..section, could you buy a top, some pyjamas, pants or socks for example, for a family who need that extra bit of support?  As the cost of living increases we are seeing more and more families who are being stung by the increasing cost of fuel and we don’t want to have to turn anyone away. 

All that remains to say is a huge thank you to Tesco for their recognition of the hard work of Bundles of Hope and Baby Basics in Long Eaton, we are so grateful of your support and so are our volunteers and service users.

We reopen tomorrow! Monday 8th April. Our clothes storage is full so we cannot accept anymore clothes at the moment. We are currently accepting the following donations:- Baby lotion, baby wipes and nappies size 0-6. Thanks

In the meantime, please help us get bonus donations! Sign up to support Bundles of Hope on Easyfundraising, shop online with your favourite brands and raise free donations for us at the same time. Over 8,000 brands will donate when you shop with them. When you sign up today, we’ll get a bonus of £7.50!   https://join.easyfundraising.org.uk/bundles-of-hope/286bkh/c2s/EzDXUOsj/CR083/facebook/

Our opening hours are Monday 1.00-3.00 and Thursday 9.30-11.30.

Sadly we CANNOT accept cots/buggies/prams/toys/car seats and other large items as our storage is limited. Thank You