Working with Midwives, Health Visitors, Social Workers and Local Charities

Established in 2019, Baby Basics works with Midwives, Health Visitors, Social Workers and Local Charities in Long Eaton and the surrounding area. We provide starter packs for those in need, including vulnerable groups such as teenage mums, families on low income and women fleeing domestic abuse and trafficking.

Our Moses baskets provide a safe space to sleep and are packed full of toiletries such as nappies, wipes, maternity pads as well as blankets, towels and baby clothes. For some these are the only items they will have for their child. We believe that Baby Basics shows God’s love in action.

How To Refer

Midwives, Health Visitors and other Health Professionals, Social Workers and Charities can all refer expectant Mother’s to receive a Moses Basket Starter Pack.

Click HERE to go to our Referrals page, you will be asked a few questions such as Name or reference number of your client, the due date of baby, sex of baby if known and details of the referring organisation.

We will contact you around 6 weeks before the due date to arrange pick up. Please note – the referring organisation must pick up the Basket directly from us, we can not deal directly with the referred client.


Bundles Of Hope

Established in 2020, Bundles of Hope is a community based initiative which provides opportunities for families of preschool children to access clothing, shoes, nappies and wipes free of charge.

This initiative promotes reuse of clothing which is both sustainable and ethical. Bundles of Hope is open to all, all are welcome to come along to our “Drop In” sessions to browse the clothes rails. We have clothing for 3 months to 5 years, shoes and warm coats. Watch out for our seasonal events, advertised on our Facebook page.

We can also help out with nappies, wipes and baby food.

Support Us Financially


Covers the cost of a brand new mattress for our Moses Baskets 

Support Us Financially


Helps us provide nappies and wipes for 5 families each week

Support Us Financially


Helps us toward our weekly rent for storage and meeting facilities

We reopen tomorrow! Monday 8th April. Our clothes storage is full so we cannot accept anymore clothes at the moment. We are currently accepting the following donations:- Baby lotion, baby wipes and nappies size 0-6. Thanks

In the meantime, please help us get bonus donations! Sign up to support Bundles of Hope on Easyfundraising, shop online with your favourite brands and raise free donations for us at the same time. Over 8,000 brands will donate when you shop with them. When you sign up today, we’ll get a bonus of £7.50!

Our opening hours are Monday 1.00-3.00 and Thursday 9.30-11.30.

Sadly we CANNOT accept cots/buggies/prams/toys/car seats and other large items as our storage is limited. Thank You